Thursday, March 27, 2014

Second time I was blocked in by a parked Mexican.

This is not the first time a Mexican parked his/her car blocking my car in.  The first time was a Mexican female guest of my neighbor who blocked my driveway preventing me from leaving.  This time it was at a parking lot of Sprint store in Panorama City.  I was parked next to a Mexican woman nursing her infant in the back seat.  After my business inside Sprint, I noticed my car and the car of the Mexican mother were blocked by a Ford car.  I asked the mother if she noticed who parked behind us, she muttered something and looked like she did not understand me really.  After guessing that the driver was inside the Sprint, I went in and asked the Sprint associates if they know the driver.  They both shrug their shoulders.  Then I called out asking if anybody owns a Ford car blocking two vehicles.  Nobody replied.  Then I tried calling the number of the marked towing company of the parking lot.  They told me that Sprint will have to call to have the Ford towed.  I asked the associates if they can call and they both just basically told me they can't.  They obviously were inept employees.  Then after a while a Mexican man and his Mexican friend, the husband of the Mexican mother in the car, emerged.  They both were smiling and acted non apologetic at all about what they did.  And they both did not speak English of course.  I was furious as I left and called them "mal-educado" which means uneducated.